Having a professional maternity photoshoot done can be one of the best if not THE best investments you can make whilst being pregnant. Whether its your first pregnancy or your fifth, your body changes, YOU change and not only is it something worth treasuring but something you'd be proud to look back on. While taking photos on your phone is all good and well, most people that come to shoot with me tell me that they never do anything with the photos they took or end up deleting them because they lost quality over time.

Having a professional photoshoot done will allow you prepare yourself to the best of your abilities, wear the outfit or pose the way you've always wanted too with someone who will be encouraged to provide you with the most cherishing pictures you can own to date.

During a maternity session my main priority is to make sure the client is comfortable at all times, especially while shooting. The last thing we need is for you to come back and ask me 'Why do I look so angry'

or 'Why do I look so tense'. So the night or morning before your shoot I would recommend a 5-15 minute meditation. Either in silence or with some comforting music playing. Next would be to plan 2-4 outfits. Even if you're not going to wear them all, that's now one less thing to worry about. Lastly please rest and stay hydrated. All of this can show through pictures and I want to make sure you get the most out of your shoot.

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