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And best friend/hype wo-man, currently based in Bromley London, UK. Shooting at all over London, from Kensington to Kent.

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Okay so hiiii,

my name is Zuleika but everyone calls me Zee. I am a black, spiritual and queer photographer with ADHD, born and raised in south London. Stockwell/Brixton to be precise. I am currently 27 with the mind of a Mummy and no I don't have kids, I'm just an ancient soul who loves to eat, have a good laugh and well telling your story through photographs.

I fell in love with photography

after getting back into mainstream school (yes I was kicked out but I got back in, that's all that should matter) and wanted to do Weddings after shooting one for a repeating client back in 2017. Since then I have completely niched down to Wedding and Lifestyle photography. As someone with ADHD, I love Weddings but can't stay stuck to one category. Mind you, I have seen it all and no two people are the same. I love seeing all the little differences that make each photo collection unique - whatever makes you YOU. My photography is ideally suited to you, someone who adores a tailored experience. Someone who is not afraid to embrace who they are.

So you're looking for a photographer right?

Right? Preferably based in or around London right? More so Bromley, Croydon.. And let me guess you'd like a photographer that you can vibe with and captures your best sides.. your authentic selves if you will. Someone that's hands on but not too clingy, someone that gets all the best shots but doesn't get in the way. Someone with at least 10 years experience in Photography and not just with weddings. Then you are in the right place..

Its my job

to effortlessly photograph all of this as it's happening, capturing those memories you can cherish forever. And if that doesn't show you I'm different then I guess you could book me and find out for yourself..

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Penge, UK

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