Hi, I am Zuleika (Zeee) Nelson:

Thee BEST Wedding Photographer near you..

I am a conscious spirit

making the most out of a human experience. Also about to be your new friend with a camera.

I started doing photography

when I got re-integrated back into mainstream school almost 14 years ago (yes I was expelled but I made it back) and when I got there, there was only 3 options left: Music, Photography and Performing Arts and I haven’t put down the camera since.

I am not just a photographer

but a visual artist, for the culture of course. My approach is tailored to each person, yet my bright and extraordinary aura has a chance to present itself. I'm here to guide and support you through the day all whilst keep you laughing.

Pressing that button

doesn’t just create a picture for me and my clients, it also allows me to be patient, its a chance for us to challenge ourselves, witness love and see beauty in places, people and things most people would normally overlook. It allows me to preserve your best moments for you and your loved ones to cherish.

Its never a dull moment shooting with me

I enjoy foods and music of all types, I love love the kids.. or should I say the kids love me (when they’re not hungry or tired) and when I'm not shooting I'm shooting in the gym.. literally I am coffee lover and my favourite colour is green. I am currently based in Bromley SE20 but any excuse to travel through London or even the world I'll take it.



“Zuleika was AMAZING on the day and the photos came out great :) Great energy and professionalism throughout.”