Not your average tog

As someone that's been doing this since school (nearly 12 years), you'd think I've been to a wide amount of events but in the most simple way I can put it is no. I don't know about most young black female photographers in the UK but it was always hard to feel like there was any place for me or if there was anywhere for me to go to start with. I understand that was just my mindset, something I could overcome and did.

The moment I started to change my mindset, after doing tons of shadow work of course.. I am now being presented with a whole community for me, not only as a photographer, but as a young black female photographer in the UK. Its absolutely riveting, who'd have thought you'd be your own worst enemy like for real. If you haven't already noticed, this was my first proper event and I'm truly grateful and happy. I found and purchased the ticket myself after following a few togs and event planners.

See now that's the thing, when I first started out 7 years ago I was hell bent on doing my own thing and not wanting to be 'inspired' by other togs. Which is what it really is. But because I didn't believe there wasn't space for me -but I still carried on anyway, which makes no sense to me- I didn't collaborate with other togs, I didn't feel like I needed to go out and network, I didn't follow anyone that I didn't already know doing something creative, even if I did like there work. And I was missing out on so much because of this.

Not only do I now get to see all of the amazing work of other togs and how/why they became photographers. But I also get to see paid opportunities, location, poses, props, theme ideas and of course upcoming events.

I'm learning, social media is not just a place for to you shove your work down peoples throat even though that does work sometimes but I'm no Petra Collins..

After finding niching down I found Brash Events and saw that they were having a wed fair and thought it'd be a great opportunity to first, get out of the house and second, network.

I brought my camera of course and thought I'd share some of my favourite shots from the day. I met some lovely vendors whom in which I hope to have the pleasure of doing business with in the future.

Thank you for reading